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Lamas Design and Technology

Contact : 01268 792333 or 07974 563370

Lamas Design and Technology provides IT services to South East Essex.

Services provided :

  • Computer Repairs and Laptop Repairs,
  • Network setup,
  • Virus removal,
  • Upgrades to Hardware and Software,
  • Custom built systems,
  • Web-site Development

We specialise in Windows and Android systems.

Local Collection and Delivery or where possible on site repairs.

9am - 6pm Monday - Saturday

Evening and Weekend Appointments are available by arrangement.

Areas covered:

South East Essex.
• Benfleet, • Basildon, • Canvey Island, • Hadleigh, • Leigh on Sea, • Pitsea, • Rayleigh, • Southend, • Thundersley, • Westcliff, • Wickford, • surrounding areas


About Us

Lamas Design started in 2013 and is run by Angela. She has been building, repairing and upgrading computers in various roles for about 20 years. Angela runs the business around the school run and family. She has worked extensively with Windows and, in the last, few years Android. Angela is currently adding Web Development to the list of services offered by Lamas Design, by learning HTML, CSS and Javascript. This website is an example of her work.


New PC set up

From £40.00

Getting your new PC, Tablet or Laptop is exciting! But sometimes when you have been using your old one for a while you get used to things being just so. Lamas Design can ...
  • Transfer your photos, videos, documents from your old PC to your new one.
  • Help you set up your email, reset your homepage, put your desktop back together
  • Make sure all your security updates are in place and up to date.
  • Make sure that you have Anti-virus, firewall and any other security software in place and up to date.
  • Get your new PC on your home network, either wired or wireless.
  • Make sure your printer is installed and your camera, iPod, Tablet, Phone etc are all working
  • Show you how to use your new operating system.
Set up your new Android Tablet with
  • security,
  • back up,
  • suggest useful applications dependent on the type of use.
  • Connect you with your calendar application
  • Show you how to connect it to other PCs, This is especially important for Apple users as android is not "plug and play" on the Mac OS


Basic Network Setup from £35.00

Most Families now have more than one PC or laptop and the addition of Android Tablets, phones all capable of joining a network.
Most providers now make network setup simple, but this can still be complicated if there are several different types of connections.
Lamas Design and Technology can set up your network so that all your devices, wired or wireless can gain access to the internet (including Phones, which can cut down use of your mobile network provided data, therefore, making it cheaper) and also make sharing of files easier. Most printers, too can be set up to run on a network, so that all devices can gain access to just one or all the printers.
Basic Network Setup includes:
  • ensuring secure connection to the internet using your chosen service provider;
  • connection of the computers in the house to the internet;
  • set up of file sharing;
  • connection of the PCs/laptops to the printer;
  • wireless connection of phones, Tablets.
More complex setups including file servers or NAS servers can be completed, please contact me for a quote.

Virus Removal/Security

From £35.00

PCs can be infected by an ever increasing number of Virus, Malware or Ransomware. Most of these are prevented or detected and removed by using good Anti-virus and Firewall software, scheduling regular scans and making sure that your operating system has all the correct patches and security updates installed.
However, sometimes they are able to get through even the best security. The kids downloaded something, someone used an infected usb stick, a downloaded application included malware which installed at the same time, the list of possibilities goes on.
This article from Malwarebytes Blog details what you can look out for when installing applications downloaded from the web and what the tell tale signs are that the application is bundled with tracking software, browser hijacks and other malware (PUPs).
Lamas Design and Technology can deal with infected systems and return them to you in working order.
Lamas Design can also recommend and install Antivirus and/or Firewall applications suitable for your system to help you to combat future infection.
There are many different applications available. Some are free, some have an annual licence fee.
Lamas Design can help you determine a suitable suite or single application, in a price range suitable for your budget


Operating System
Microsoft have now released Windows 10. It is free for Windows 7 and 8 users until the end of July 2016. If you would like assistance with the upgrade please contact me as there are low cost upgrade options available if you do not have Windows 7 or 8.
Other types of upgrade include:
  • Installation of a new printer connected to one PC or available to the whole network
  • Installation of additional memory
  • Larger or additional HDD to provide more storage space
  • New or replacement Motherboard
  • New or replacement Graphics, sound or other card
  • Application installation or upgrade


From £35.00

It is hard to tell for the average user just what is wrong with your PC or laptop.
Lamas Design investigates the issues by talking with the user and carrying out a number of tests on the PC to identify where the problem lies. A report is then provided to the client detailing the issues and making recommendations for repairs together with the costs. It will give a report of the PC and what can be done in the future to ensure that the PC provides optimum performance for as long as possible.
The repairs that can be carried out include:
  • Upgrade or replacement of Hard drive/storage;
  • Motherboard/processor upgrade;
  • Laptop Screen replacement;
  • RAM upgrade/replacement;
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU) replacement;
  • Phone/Tablet Screen Replacement:
  • Software Reinstallation/refresh.
The list above highlights some of the services offered. Please contact me to discuss your requirements/issues.

Web Development

Lamas Design has previously worked with clients to set up web sites using the hosting company templates. The Beauty Salon and Precious Pup are examples of these. Whilst they were adequate for the companys concerned, I decided that I would like to delve deeper into the coding side. I have a background in programming and used, VB6 and VBA, MS Access, creating the database structure and designing the user interface. I am currently working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Jquery. I also have a good knowledge of Bootstrap.


You can find my blog here .

I do the maintenanance on The Beauty Salon, Benfleet website. I am also one of her clients and can highly recommend her and the treatments offered at the salon.

Precious Pup sells Dog Coats and Costumes for all sizes of dog. I set this web shop up using the hosting company tools is a site that I have set up for a client One of the best anti-malware applications.

This Post from the Malwarebytes Blog about PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) details what you can look out for when installing applications downloaded from the web and what the tell tale signs are that the application is bundled with tracking software, browser hijacks and other malware (PUPs).


Contact Us

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